.CMS – Content Management System

.CMS is web based solution that helps you maintain web content of your Internet or Intranet system. It provides many ways of editing and linking of the web content and offers integration with the MS Office suite.


.CMS is developed on .Net technology and is built from the ground up to enable links with the widest range of platforms and to ensure high performances and scalability of the solution.

One of the most frequent problems which the CMS users face is the need for bespoke configurations of application and database servers. Inevitably, this leads to increased costs of platform maintenance. Our approach is based on the modern and widely accepted Microsoft technology. This enables you, as a user, to choose from a wide selection of service providers that will take care of .CMS hosting while you concentrate on your business activities and the use of the system. Simply choose the ISP which suits you best, require the Microsoft .Net framework and SQL Server database service. We will fully install, deploy, secure and maintain your .CMS.

Technical prerequisites for the server are:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 hosting
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/SQL Express

Technical prerequisites for the client computer are:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer for the system administration


Every company experiences a moment when the classic way of managing web content through static pages becomes too complex. Communication between the employees who have the need for content publication and those who are in charge of performing such a task becomes too time-consuming. There is a need that the pages should be taken care of by the same people who create content for them, as well as those who decide on their publication. Besides that, there is often a large quantity of information that is not made public due to insufficient speed of publication or lack of information and internal communication. Using .CMS, access to content is managed as a function of its confidentiality through a flexible but yet easy to use Access Control System, which cannot be achieved using static web pages. Content may be accessible to everyone, a selected group or even individual users.


A simple web user interface and tools whose function will be recognized by each Microsoft Office user, together with copy/paste directly from Word or Excel, enable fast and simple content entry and update in the .CMS.


The complexity of enabling a link between individual documents increases exponentially with the quantity of published information and the task of manually linking individual static HTML documents becomes time consuming. By using the object approach in the .CMS every document becomes an object which independently links with other objects on the web through a simple and intuitive interface. By using the .CMS, the complexity of interlinking documents does not increase with the quantity of information.

Multilingual Approach

.CMS supports multilingual approach even at the level of administration tools. Choose an administration tools language English, German or French. If there is a need for an additional language, it is straightforward to implement it in your preferred language. .CMS also enables each language navigation scheme to be different, because there is a high probability that all contents will not be published in all languages.

Searching capabilities

All content published in the .CMS could be searched and for all matching data all access and security constraints are valid and enabled.


Built-in access rights control enables fine tuning of content or functionalities accessible to particular user or user group.

Reliable platform

.CMS already has implementations in different Internet/Intranet systems – from manufacturing and pharmaceutical industry to education and tourism.