Hefesto (CMMS - Computerized Maintenance Management System) is designate for the organization and management of maintenance. Without software solution it is very difficult to manage the maintenance which can result with the idle motion in production, chaotic paperwork and the lack of any procurement plan.

Hefesto objectives

  • Better resource utilisation
  • Increasing of work safety
  • Extend a lifecycle of machinery and equipment
  • Optimize the supplies and  procurement of spare parts and materials
  • Increase productivity of workers and machinery
  • Increase the percentage of planned maintenance regarding to the reactive maintenance
  • Create conditions for predictive maintenance
  • Gather informations for later analisys and further improvements

Hefesto applications solved these aforementioned problems and also allowed better resource utilization, better planning of maintenance tasks for workers, records of spare parts for machinery and equipment, received requests, issued orders for the analysis of hours spent, consumption of spare parts and incidents on objects of maintenance.

Machinery and equipment maintenance

Hefesto provides a clear and centralized monitoring and processing informations about the technical details of machinery and equipment. Any effective maintenance depends on the availability and accuracy of data about a particular machine and spare parts needed to, in case of failure, production continued in the shortest possible time.

  • Technical records of machines
     - Central storage of information about the machines (files, layouts, maintenance history, and various other documents) 
     - List of related spare parts
  • Records of spare parts  
     - Connecting the machine and spare parts 
     - Storage of documents (drawings, diagrams, other documents)
  • Location records 
     - Hierarchical organization 
     - Storage of documents (drawings, diagrams, other documents) 
  • Machine categorization

Maintenance organization management

One of the most important aspects of maintenance, especially in companies with many employees and sophisticated machinery is the timely and accurate determination of fault and finding that faster and more efficient ways to eliminate the defect.

In doing so, special attention must be paid to remove the necessary paperwork from the system for all involved in the process of solving the problem. Hefesto is an ideal application for those who need comprehensive and complete information that you do not have to look in the disorganized archives but at the mouse click is available from one centralized system that provides complete management of crisis situations.

  • Requests (defect notification)
    - Priorities determination
    - Types (planned/random)
    - Creating of work order
  • Work orders
    - Person responsible
    - Associated team
    - Execution date
    - Status
  • Access rights  
    - Different "roles" in the system
  • E-mail notifications
    - Especially important for external services


Access to the application takes place through a web interface, enabling easy administration and maintenance. Software solution is easy to use and does not require special knowledge of handling computers.

  • Web solution
    - Easiest administration and maintenance
    - No installation on the number of computers
    - Access from any computer in the network through a browser
    - Open for external access (external suppliers)
    - Ease of use
  • Platform:
    - Microsoft .Net technology
    - MS SQL Server



For more information please contact us on hefesto@utilis.biz.